Adult webcam in bellarus

31-Jul-2017 20:14

Belarusian sex market the number of prostitutes in comparison to last year has grown, but not that big.

Visa cordons still help slow down the flow of sex tourists in Minsk.

With skeletal hands coming out of the stone fence, devils decorating the roof and dozens of black skulls covering a domed structure on the property, the scariest house in Belarus is definitely a sight to behold.

Photos of the spooky house in Ratomka recently went viral in Belarus, with most people praising the owner for the bold artistic design.

The Belarusian authorities are against sex tourism and and prostitution, and the inflow of foreign tourists and in particular sex tourists in general remains low.

In the town of Ratomka, five kilometers from the Belorussian capital of Minsk, there is a house so spooky that some people try to avoid walking past it at all costs, especially at night.

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