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jikookexcerpt: "it is a big deal." jungkook trailed after jimin, his cheeks red. you're supposed to smell like me.""i'm supposed to smell like whatever soap and deodorant i used in the morning," jimin said, rummaging through the fridge, "which, by the way, we need more—""but you're mine." jungkook circled his arms around jimin's waist and pressed their bodies close together. He begs and promises his servitude to the God if he will rescue him.

"you're mine..." he said again, resting his forehead against jimin's neck.“yah…” jimin closed the fridge and tried to face him but jungkook shook his head, keeping him pinned there.“i don't like it. it's okay." he patted jungkook's hands, running his fingers up and down the length of his arms. and you're mine.""i have to fix it." jungkook's voice was low and hoarse, like he was on the verge of tears. Instead of coming in person the Sea God sends Dean.

He could see through the screen that he was blushing, anxiously playing with his fingers while his crooked teeth tugged at his plump bottom lip."What is it, sweetness?

""'M love you."The pink-haired man's heart swelled at the small voice that his love possessed.

In this interview, we ask her about ageplay, her job as manager at Jailbait, what she considers the psychologically healing aspect of sexual ageplay, and what she sees as the troubling aspects of ageplay and society’s reaction to it.

Urizenus Sklar: Emily, what is Jailbait, and what is your job as Manager here?

Lawyer has traced ip numbers of both email accounts.

He’s been auctioned multiple times and returned every time. When his latest customer opens his eyes not only to the explanation to all the strange happenings in his own life, but the wider supernatural world as a whole, he knows he should back off and focus on keeping himself out of trouble. “Someone to put a leash on me.” “Wouldn’t need a leash, love.” Louis whispers sensually, and he is suddenly behind Harry, too fast for his eyes to keep track of.

Stiles has always been too observant and too good at putting the pieces together for his own good.

Not because of pain but emotional exhaustion/relief they got out alive/whatever and it turns out that John fucking loves it. (cutie on duty: seokjin hyung is namjoon’s daddy: confirmed taetae: kim seokjin got a daddy kink: confirmed #shaniac: namjin sailing: confirmed) Maybe you would expect Hoseok to be kinky, I mean, he has his moments. The painfully pretty rent boy he picks up the night a job starts going south seems to have an abundance of both. But that keen mind is a double edged sword, because the boy sees too much, involves himself in too much and with an old enemy making a reappearance, weaknesses of any kind are something Peter doesn't have the luxury of affording. Neglected by his father after his mother's death Stiles does what he can to survive. His wrists beneath Liam's palms; the way Liam could hold him still. “Shaped you in their image, to receive any form of love they saw fit to give.”Jesse looked up at the other man through half-lidded eyes and swallowed, feeling the blood cling slickly to his throat. When the time is right.” “You go out every night and maybe you’re able to drink without hurting anyone, but you’re still thirsty, aren’t you? But there is still some room for a beloved pet, and who would suit better into this role than Jimin...?

min yoongi just wants to protect namjoon from more heartbreak. But Seokjin, no body would expect that the sweet little boy would be into all of that stuff. This of course means he doesn't always make the best decisions or do the right thing. ----A deep whisper, so close to his ear, that Jimin couldn't hear anything else growled into his senses; "I don't need any protection baby-boy." Hannibal Lecter is a popular psychology professor; Will Graham is his anxious, but adorable TA.Have given to lawyer and filed motion to compel discovery.