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15-Oct-2017 21:23

Yet many of the most extensive scientific observations ever made suggest otherwise, and they don't give a ringing endorsement to the Copernican principle either.

The first couple items in this list come from the highly sophisticated maps of the (shadowless) CMB (cosmic microwave background) and subsequent analysis.

At the time I made this post, I should have heeded the advice of not writing about something I knew nothing about. Most carbon on earth exist as carbon-12 but a small percentage exists as carbon-14.

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And the Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik, 41, has revealed that the environment has always been an issue close to her heart.'I try, as much as I can, to reduce my own carbon footprint', the neuroscientist-turned-actress told The Fix this week.

Evidence for the Big Bang: NASA, Lawrence Krauss, et al., say it's the theory's predictions.

* The Big Bang's Failed Predictions and Failures to Predict: (Updated Aug 3, 2017.) As documented below, trust in has been misplaced when compared to the actual astronomical observations that were made, in large part, in hopes of affirming the theory.

Being the intellectual equivalent of hucksters and mobsters, Creationists of these sort are apt to criticize the Scientific Method in a bid to construe evidence to fit into their biblical bullshit.

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They thraw through scientific literature, pick the parts that supposedly criticize a scientific method, and put up claims that mainstream Science is bogus.

'I don't consume animal products, I don't have a lawn, I take very short showers, I read up on ways to consume less - I buy fewer things, own fewer things, and donate things I don't need and downsize even in small way,' she said.

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