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Registration will close 30 minutes prior to the first matches.

Teams not registered in time for the Round Robin series may play in the Single Elimination tournament if registration is completed and fees are paid on Friday. Teams must be confirmed with at least 5 Players and submit each Player’s Summoner Name by the close of Registration. Each player must have a level 30 account with at least 16 champions unlocked to participate in the tournament draft.

I confess our relationship is on the rocks right now but there’s no denying that Tulsa is full of friendly people who are passionate about their city.

The captain of the team listed on top of the bracket hosts the game and is responsible for inviting his or her team and the enemy captain. When I moved to Tulsa 5 years ago, I literally fell in love with it. You drove through it that one time when you packed everything you own into your car, put “Wide Open Spaces” on repeat and moved across the country? I strongly suggest that the next time you find yourself in the middle of the country, you take a moment to explore our fine city!GIVING CHALLENGE 2017: As a part of our Giving Challenge we're asking everyone to take the next step on their generosity journey. We're asking everyone who calls City Church their home to jump on board and give this Sunday. As your church family, we would like to stand with you and celebrate as you publicly declare the decision you've made to surrender your life to the Lord.

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Also, this Sunday is "Bring Your Best" offering day. KIDS SALVATION & WATER BAPTISM QUESTIONS 4900 W 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74131 Baptism is an outward declaration and unashamed confession that you are leaving an old way of life and wholeheartedly committing yourself to follow Jesus.

You are writing this in anticipation of litigation and to provide to your lawyer at his request.