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The #1 bestselling pioneer of "fratire" and a leading evolutionary psychologist team up to create the dating book for guys Whether they conducted their research in life or in the lab, experts Tucker Max and Dr.Geoffrey Miller have spent the last 20 years learning what women really want from their men, why they want it, and how men can deliver those qualities.“You never know what might be at the back of someone’s throat,” Berndt said, sitting up from the sand.I turned over, a little surprised, and looked at him.I didn’t have an STI or anything, but lately I've been trying to normalize these sort of conversations.I have to admit though, I still found them difficult to discuss, particularly with handsome Nordic men. “There’s always a risk when you're cruising.” That exact thing had happened to me not long ago, though honestly it hadn’t deterred me from cruising.Despite my attraction to him, this was nothing more than a holiday fling; I was only in Spain for a couple of weeks so it was as temporary as temporary could be and we both knew it. Talking about STIs wasn’t an ideal beach conversation either, especially with a fling.

Through their website and podcasts, Max and Miller have already helped over one million guys take their first steps toward Ms. They have collected all of their findings in Mate, an evidence-driven, seriously funny playbook that will teach you to become a more sexually attractive and romantically successful man, the right way:- No "seduction techniques"- No moralizing- No bullshit Just honest, straightforward talk about the most ethical, effective way to pursue the win-win relationships you want with the women who are best for you.Unless, of course, your girl a gender studies teacher, then go right on ahead.