Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm second edition 6 window adult chat

20-Jul-2017 20:38

Psychology has a monumental role to play when it comes to understanding and contextualizing anomalous experiences.

The first strides, from a historical perspective, were made in the 1880s by the British Society for Psychical Research.

What is more a standard definition of the word should also honor the evolutionary purpose served by perceptual mechanisms; if all conscious perceptions are, in fact, cheap and quick guides to adaptive behaviors in environmental niches then the anomalous ones amongst them could also be conceived as perceptual constructions which are not adaptive guides to behavior (Hoffman, 2012).

Phenomenal content in conscious awareness that is not adaptive is bound to be atypical, discontinuous, incoherent, and irrational.

Some anomalous experiences like autoscopic phenomena, multimodal hallucinations, and synaesthesias may be conceptualized within the dominant, existing scientific model.The first is associated with temporary awakening experiences, the second with permanent awakening.