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15-Nov-2017 03:42

From then on I often sat at her feet under the kitchen table gently touching & caressing that smooth & rough texture clinging to the silky skin of her feet long forelegs.

I think I stopped this practice when I began my kindergarten classes at school, but I was still mesmerized wanting to know more as I grew up until one day seeing her pull up the hems of her slip & skirt to "adjust" the stocking tops!

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Hi, I've recently started a new job and want to get back into the habit of wearing skirts daily I'm not keen on the bare legged lookalthough I know of many who can carry it off well so I always wear tights under skirts.

I have got her lingerie earlier on in our relationship and we have both said in the past that we would like to try stockings (of some kind).

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