Symantec endpoint protection client not updating gup Adult webcam in bellarus

13-Aug-2017 15:10

To understand the bandwidth savings of using a GUP it is important to understand the amount of traffic generated by definitions updates.

A freshly installed client will take a few hundred megabytes to get updated to the latest definition set.

What our sysadmins have reported is that the SEP software does not have any native way to throttle its use of network bandwidth.

It needs to send a 'full' definition update to every client, some hundreds of Mbyte in size.

The GUP technology in SEP allows administrators to designate client systems within the environment to distribute client definitions in a peer fashion.

Group Update Providers are ideal for delivering content updates to clients that have limited network access to the server.

The type of Group Update Provider that you set up depends on your network and the clients on that network.