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05-Dec-2017 22:08

Debugging confirms that the field is set to the correct value on the s Object, but both the test asserting the field is set to the correct value and manually creating a new Contact shows that the field is still blank (after the transaction has completed.) However, the value set correctly if the record is only updated (not inserted.) The trigger doesn't seem to be throwing an error but the field is still blank rather than the correct value.I've also confirmed the following: If, as you've shown, c. I know you said so in the first sentence but you may want to check one more time.However, to prohibit updates only under certain circumstances, use a trigger. Modifications to the data in that column cause the trigger fire. When this trigger detects an update that violates the trigger conditions, it cancels the update and prints a message.To test this, substitute a different day of the week for “Saturday” or “Sunday.” create trigger stopupdatetrig on titles for update as /* If an attempt is made to change titles.title_id ** on Saturday or Sunday, cancel the update.Region__c is has the correct value in the debug then there is almost certainly something else updating the value after this trigger.

Since changes to triggers don't imply structural changes to the table itself, Firebird no longer increments the table change counter when In Firebird 2.0 only, a restriction is in place which prevents anyone from dropping, altering or recreating a trigger or stored procedure if it has been used since the database was opened.In addition, you use triggers to enforce complex business rules centrally at the database level and prevent invalid transactions.